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translation cost

Translations are charge per target word (words in the final translation).  

This price includes all consultations with the author regarding content clarity, along with stylistic editing to conform to publishing standards.

This price does NOT include consultations for publishing.  See paragraph regarding these additional fees.

process & Timeline

All translations are handled with the utmost care to create the most individualized and authentic re-creation of an original work into English.  

Upon receipt of the source document, I require a complete 24 hour period to review and digest the text.  After said period I convene with the author to discuss the text and translation process; it is at this time that the author may voice any requests or concerns.  

Documents containing fewer than 10,000 words will be completed within 12 business days.   Those containing more than  10,000 words will require an individualized timeline agreed upon prior to beginning the translation.




consultations for publishing

$30 USD per hour, rounding up to the next hour after 15 minutes.

All consultations are executed either via Skype, Google Hangouts, or WhatsApp, as preordained and agreed upon with at least 24 hours' anticipation.


Payment must be received in full within no more than 30 days of invoice receipt.   Invoices will be provided at time of translation completion.


Project deliveries that require "rushed" translation work will be quoted at more than the base target word rate.