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Stacy Evans

Freelance Translator, Spanish>English

As a freelance translator I pride myself in bringing a unique perspective to the translation process.  I specialize in academic and literary translations, and work closely with the original author to create the most stylistic and accurate translation into English as possible. 

I also translate a variety of other subject material, thanks to knowledge garnered through my many personal hobbies and passions.  I currently am/have been active in music and art, yoga, cycling, running, hiking & outdoor adventure, gardening & food production/preservation/preparation, alternative/holistic medical systems (Ayurveda, Chinese medicine & Acupuncture), knitting and crocheting, homesteading and sustainable living, spirituality, psychology and self-healing, and pregnancy and midwifery.

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Stacy Evans

Spanish>English Translations


WhatsApp: +1 907 738 1773

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