Academic and Literary Translations

Academic Research, Professional Resumes, Manuscripts and Theses, Medical Documents, and Literature.


As a freelance translator I provide an individualized and stylistic translation of text originally written in Spanish.  I specialize in creating publishing-quality translations of academic research papers, fiction and non-fiction prose, and so much more.


Translation Services

Translation is no easy task.  It involves complex and dynamic understanding of both the source text and the field being translated into.  My translations come backed with years of experience creating accurate and faithful translations of original texts.  Every text is a unique representation of its author, and as such, each author is intimately involved in the translation process to ensure utmost accuracy and clarity. 


Stylistic editing

Occasionally I run into extremely talented individuals who are highly specialized in one or two fields of academia; writing may not be one of those specializations.  That's why part of my job is not only to translate the original text into English, but to provide stylistic editing so that your research is not limited by poor writing technique or lack of adherence to publishing requirements.


Publishing process

It's hard to get published, and even more so in your second (or third) language!  I provide guidance on which presses routinely publish translations, how to navigate this process, and assistance when communicating with your publisher.


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Stacy Evans

Spanish>English Translator

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